Sales representatives with a passion for TULIP!

Danish Crown is one of the world’s largest exporters and one of Europe’s largest producers of pork. Danish Crown Foods has several products in its portfolio, and in Norway you will find all the products under the Tulip brand.

Tulip is Denmark’s oldest brand and can be found in 120 countries with their good and tasty products like bacon, pepperoni, sausages, and salamis.

Danish Crown Foods Norway (Tulip) was in search for a new sales partner and started a process in 2016. After a long process Retail24 was chosen as the only supplier of sales services. The collaboration started January 1st, 2017.

We have worked very well together the past 3 years, and one key element for our success is the close cooperation DCF has with the sales force in Retail24. DCF has over the years been very good at providing product knowledge, sales argumentation (usp), giving information from customers HQ, and providing product samples to the field sales. When always representing with two or more representatives at internal sales meetings 3 times a year, they make sure that the expectations are aligned. This creates a deep understanding, passion and dedication from the sales representatives.

Visibility in stores is an important factor of selling products, and DCF has confidence in the quality of work, that the sales representatives provide. Since the start of the partnership DCF have had a tremendous growth. They are very satisfied with the smart way of working, and how the sales representatives are gaining important relationships, with the stores.

Together we will continue to grow, and make the great brand TULIP, even more visible in the stores throughout the country.


A tremendous growth since the partnership started in 2017!

“We at Danish Crown are very pleased with the collaboration with Retail24, both with sales, regional managers and management. The sales representatives are following up the stores on promotions and activities. They create a lot of local promotions and engagement in the stores. With our quarterly meetings, I feel they are turned ON and things are taken care of according to our expectations and agreement.

Thank you for supporting the growth for DCF in Norway. You have been an important partner for the journey so far!

Egil Langemyr, Sales Manager/Corporate Chef, Danish Crown Foods Norway AS 

Danish Crown is a global and modern slaughter- and processing house. We are selling our products in more than 120 countries in the world. Our market coverage is from Okinawa in Japan to Panama in South America. The Company operates within several business areas such as retail, away from home and industrial sales.

Danish Crown are owned by the Danish farmers and employs more than 23.000 people. One of the most important focus areas are to improve the climate footprint and to be climate neutral, we are working hard with this every day.

Thru our company Danish Crown Foods Norway we are marketing our products thru the well known brand TULIP. In 1909 TULIP became the first registered brand in Denmark, since then it has been an important part of the consumers life, not only in Denmark but worldwide. In Norway we are represented only in retail and the turnover is approx. 140 MNOK.

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Kjetil Berentsen

Nordic Director, Sales Services
(+47) 99532732

Kjetil Berentsen

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