The partnership with Fiskars started in Finland in 2017. During this period, we have developed a great collaboration. This resulted in a new dialogue in 2019, and a desire to start in Norway together with Retail24.

We are so proud that Fiskars chose us to be the preferred partner and to help them with sales and Merchandising of Fiskars products in specialist chains like Jernia and Felleskjøpet. Retail24 has a large sales force with high coverage, and this has been an important factor for Fiskars in the their process of choosing a partner.

Fiskars has products segmented in three main categories; Garden, Creating and Cooking. Retail24 will primary work within the Garden segment, where we work to achieve high visibility in stores and contribute to increased turnover of Fiskars products. We want to be a part of achieving “HAPPINESS IN THE GARDEN” and make sure that everyone has a Fiskars tool at hand!

To be the preferred collaborator it is essential for Retail24 to provide for product training and closely follow up our employees. To kick-off our collaboration, we had a successful event together at Fiskars location in Oslo.

We look forward to work with, and to be a part of Fiskars!


The orange-handled revolution
During the seventeenth century a number of ironworks were founded in Finland. It all started in 1649 when Peter Thorwöste was given a charter to establish a blast furnace and forging operation in the small village of Fiskars. Today the company is one of the oldest businesses in the Western world. After persevering through the Great Depression and World War II, Fiskars’ management finally realized their plans to restructure the company for mass production.

An international trademark
The orange-handled scissors are one of Fiskars’ best known products.  In 1967 when the first basic models were about to be manufactured the designer wanted the scissors to be black, red or green. As the prototype went into production, the machinist decided to finish off the orange color he had in his machine. This meant prototypes were made in four different colors, of which the orange and black were most popular. A choice had to be made. An internal vote was taken at Fiskars, and the result gave birth to Fiskars orange-handled scissors. The color, Fiskars Orange™, was officially registered as a trademark in Finland in 2003 and in the US 2007.

Building on the popularity of the orange handled scissors, Fiskars expansion began with the founding of a factory in the United States in 1977. The amazing design of our orange-handled scissors made them a worldwide favorite, with over 1 billion sold since its creation back in 1967. Fiskars tools have won Red Dot Awards, Good Design Awards, Popular Mechanics Green Design Awards, Ease-of-Use Commendations and more.

Fiskars Corporation  is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

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