Q&A with Magnus Rossver Stokkan

Q&A with Magnus Rossver Stokkan– Merchandiser – Norway

What’s your role in Retail24?
I work within our merchandising service

What were you doing before Retail24?
Before Retail24, I worked in the postal service, where I sorted packages. I have previously also worked in the food industry.

What does a typical workday look like for you?
I typically start in the in the store around 7am. Here I am conducting merchandising for several international companies. I also take new orders during the time I am in the store.
Furthermore, I travel around the entire Norway, being part of teams, that does item placements in new grocery stores.

What attracted you to work at Retail24?
It is a professional company, where we within the services we work with, have skilled leaders and colleagues. It is a very varied job where you also have some flextime

If the story of Retail24 was made into a film, who would play you?
Maybe Eddie Murphy

Do you have a motto for life?
“Never give up”

If you could try another profession for a day, what would it be?
That was a difficult question. I honestly do not know. I really like the job Retail24. But maybe something in technology

If you’re not working, where can you usually be found?
Then I travel in the mountains to our cabin in Winter times.
I really enjoy the view of snow-capped mountains.
If I am not travelling, I spend time with friends and relax at home

Q&A with Magnus Rossver Stokkan

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