Nestlé needed help to launch and promote their new product – YES!  The YES! Bars are ”Tasty by Nature”, filled with nuts and fruits with low sugar and are first to market with a recyclable paper wrapping.

We got to present a plan on how to achieve maximum branding via disruption sampling, and we won the tender.  Our task was to produce and execute the entire project for A-Z. We did everything from finding right venues, design of materials to production of different elements and POSM.

We got the launch in the Nordics, starting with two events in Denmark. We held one event at the DHL Relay race 2019 in Århus for 3 days, and one in Copenhagen for 5 days. We are going to held events in Norway and Finland in 2020.

We achieved maximum product awareness and gave away staggering approximately 100.000 YES! Bars! You can say that the events was a huge success with many ”YES!” moments!

We achieved maximum product awareness and handed out

Approx. 100.000 bars

“Retail24 won a pitch to work with our new brand launch, and we are SO happy that they did!  Their ideas, creativity, flexibility and “can-do” attitude are second to none.  Resulting in a high-impact brand sampling campaign over a tight 8 day schedule, working into the night with absolutely zero hiccups.  The Brand Ambassadors were engaged from the start and showed commitment throughout the campaign. Logistics behind the scenes were seamless. It has been a successful campaign that we will look to roll out across the Nordics with Retail24. “

LISA GALEA, Nordic Senior Brand Manager, Nestlé Confectionery

The story of the YES! began when we were trying to find a tasty snack with a surprising twist that we could enjoy anytime, anywhere, but nothing quite hit the mark! So, we turned to nature for help! Nature helped us explore all the amazing ingredients. We got so excited with all the amazing combinations of ingredients that we decided to craft our own snack. It needed to have an AWESOME taste! We wanted to create a GREAT bar and we did it! That’s how YES!® was born.

When creating our great tasting bars, we made sure there was something for everyone! Our nut bars are suitable for vegetarians, are source of protein and high in fibre and our fruit bars are vegan with no added sugars. Ah!…and all of our snack bars are also gluten free! Our delicious, tasty bars suit all of our snack-lovers!

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Asmira Ramic

Sales & Customer Relation Manager
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Asmira Ramic

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